Self-insured Workers' Compensation States

This guide contains a list of state workers compensation law for each individual state. We fully customize our program to meet the needs of each client.

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Because we were founded by homebuilders in 1995, we know the.

Self-insured workers' compensation states. The matrix companies has a 98% client retention rate with our self insured clients. Because of inefficiencies in the system, as well as competing interests such as insurance companies, doctors and lawyers, … Nfib offers workers’ compensation savings to members in many states.

To be approved, employers must meet certain solvency standards and provide appropriate actuarial reports. There are no federal laws regulating workers compensation in the united states. Nevada and west virginia were monopolistic states in the past but switched to a competitive market system.

Businesses that fail to carry compulsory workers’ compensation insurance can face severe fines, a heavy lawsuit, or even criminal charges. As south carolina’s largest self insured workers’ compensation fund, we are an insurer for the construction industry. Workers compensation protects employees in case of an injury on the job.

Ohio, wyoming, washington, and north dakota prohibit the sale of workers compensation insurance by private insurers. As you know, most states require every employer to carry worker’s compensation insurance as a statutory obligation. Instead, california, which is the largest single state market for workers compensation insurance, has its own separate rating bureau, the workers compensation insurance rating bureau of california, or wcirb.

The purpose is to show which states require it and which do not.

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