Citroën’s Electric Surge: Powering BluSmart’s Fleet Expansion

Citroën’s Electric Surge: Powering BluSmart’s Fleet Expansion

In a groundbreaking move for India’s electric vehicle (EV) landscape, French automotive giant Citroën has inked a deal to supply 4,000 electric SUVs to BluSmart Mobility, India’s pioneering all-electric ride-hailing service. This partnership is set to electrify the streets with the Citroën e-C3, a compact SUV that promises a range of 320 km per charge and rapid charging capabilities.

The collaboration between Citroën and BluSmart marks a significant milestone in India’s journey towards sustainable transportation. The first batch of 125 e-C3 vehicles has already been deployed from BluSmart’s EV charging superhub in Bengaluru, setting the stage for a cleaner, greener future.

Driving Innovation

Citroën’s foray into India’s EV market with BluSmart is not just about numbers; it’s about innovation. The e-C3’s impressive range and fast charging are complemented by its smart connectivity features, making it an ideal choice for BluSmart’s tech-savvy clientele. This fleet expansion is a testament to BluSmart’s commitment to ‘Decarbonising Mobility at Scale’ and building a robust EV ecosystem.

Charging Forward

With over 7,000 EVs and 4,400 chargers across 36 superhubs, BluSmart is at the forefront of India’s EV revolution. The addition of Citroën’s e-C3 to its fleet is a leap forward in ensuring accessible and sustainable urban mobility solutions for millions.