Doctor Who: “Dot and Bubble” Attacks Our Social Media Addiction

Doctor Who: “Dot and Bubble” Attacks Our Social Media Addiction

In the latest Doctor Who episode titled “Dot and Bubble,” Russell T. Davies takes a satirical jab at our addiction to technology, particularly social media. The vibrant colors and seemingly light-hearted tone mask a deeper message—one that warns of the dangers of our digital obsessions.

The story revolves around Lindy (played by Callie Cooke), a young woman living a carefree existence on a neighboring planet. Her cushy job involves mindless data entry, and she spends her days interacting with friends via a digital bubble—a social media app. Lindy’s world seems idyllic, shielded from the troubles of her home planet.

The Doctor’s Warning

Enter The Doctor (albeit briefly) and Ruby, who slide into Lindy’s direct messages (DMS) to deliver a chilling revelation: the friends who have been disappearing are not mere glitches in the app. Something is hunting them. The Doctor and Ruby can only offer assistance via a Zoom call, emphasizing the limitations of their presence.


As Lindy’s confidence cracks, she grapples with panic. Callie Cooke’s nuanced performance captures Lindy’s entitlement and vulnerability. Lindy isn’t a traditional hero; her choices remain uncertain throughout the episode. In the end, she fails the ultimate test, and Davies drives home the message: it’s not “Death to the Daleks”; it’s “DEATH TO INFLUENCERS!”