Exploring the Talents of Edge and Beth Phoenix Daughters

The world of wrestling has seen many legends come and go, but some have left a lasting impact on the industry. One such couple is Edge and Beth Phoenix who have entertained audiences with their skills and talent inside the ring. However, it doesn’t stop there as their daughters are also following in their footsteps and making a name for themselves in the wrestling world. This article aims to explore the talents of Edge and Beth Phoenix’s daughters and their flourishing careers.

Introducing Lyric Copeland

Lyric Copeland is the eldest daughter of Edge and Beth Phoenix, and she has already begun to carve her path in the wrestling industry. She made her debut in 2019 and has been training since then to improve her skills. Here are some fascinating facts about her journey so far:

  • She trained with Lance Storm and has received sporadic training from Edge himself.
  • She signed with a promotion company in the US and competes under the name ‘Ruby Blood’.
  • She is proficient in a variety of styles including MMA, kickboxing, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.
  • Lyric has an enormous potential to become a fan-favorite, and her progress is worth keeping an eye on.
Exploring the Talents of Edge and Beth Phoenix's Daughters
Exploring the Talents of Edge and Beth Phoenix’s Daughters

The charismatic Jayme Copeland

The younger daughter of Edge and Beth, Jayme Copeland has made strides with her performances in the ring and promising future. Here are some interesting facts about her:

  • Jayme signed with a training center run by Rikishi and performs under the ring name ‘Brittney Savage’.
  • She has followed her mother’s footsteps by earning a degree in kinesiology to understand the complexities of the body’s mechanics.
  • She has won several championships in the independent and regional wrestling industry.
  • Jayme has the necessary charisma to emerge as a top performer in the industry and the potential to make a big name for herself.

The phoenix lineage in wrestling

Given Edge and Beth Phoenix’s achievements in wrestling and their passion for the industry, it’s no surprise that their daughters followed in their path. Here are some fascinating facts about the heritage they come from:

  • Beth Phoenix is a former WWE Women’s Champion and WWE Hall of Famer.
  • Edge is a WWE Hall of Famer who won numerous titles in his career.
  • The couple is passionate about the industry and has been mentoring their daughters.
  • With such a lineage and with mentoring from their parents, Jayme and Lyric have the makings of a bright future in wrestling.

The challenges of being the daughters of wrestling legends

While following in their parents’ footsteps may have some advantages, it also comes with its own set of challenges. Here are some of the main obstacles they face:

  1. The pressure to succeed: With such successful parents, there are high expectations for the daughters to live up to, providing their own unique challenges that must be addressed.
  2. The scrutiny from fans: Wrestling fans are passionate and can be critical, making it challenging for performers to receive feedback, both positive and negative and work towards improving.
  3. Keeping up with the industry trends: The wrestling industry is rapidly evolving, and performers must keep up with the latest styles and modes of wrestling.
  4. Despite these challenges, Jayme and Lyric are continuing to improve their skills and look towards the future.

The future of the Copeland family in wrestling

As both daughters are still in the early stages of their career, there is still a lot to look forward to, both for them and their family. Here are some things to expect in the future:

  • Lyric and Jayme will continue to work on improving their skills, honing them into a well-rounded performer.
  • The Copeland family will remain a driving force in the wrestling industry for years to come, perhaps even paving the way for future generations.


Edge and Beth Phoenix’s daughters Lyric and Jayme have shown a lot of promise in the wrestling industry. While still at the start of their careers, they have already begun to make waves in the independent scene. With their parents’ pedigree, it’s apparent that the future has much in store for them. It will be exciting to see where their journeys will take them and how they continue to shape the industry.


1. How old are Edge and Beth Phoenix's daughters?

Edge and Beth Phoenix have two daughters, Lyric Rose Copeland, born in December 2013, and Ruby Ever Copeland, born in May 2016. As of September 2021, Lyric is 7 years old and Ruby is 5 years old.

2. Have Edge and Beth Phoenix's daughters shown any interest in wrestling?

While it's too early to say if their daughters will follow in their parents' footsteps, both Edge and Beth Phoenix have shared moments on social media where their daughters have shown an interest in wrestling and playfully imitated their parents' moves.

3. What other talents do Edge and Beth Phoenix's daughters possess?

Apart from showing an interest in wrestling, Lyric and Ruby have been exposed to various activities by their parents, including music, art, and outdoor adventures. Edge, being a musician himself, has shared videos of his daughters playing musical instruments and enjoying creative hobbies.

4. How do Edge and Beth Phoenix balance their wrestling careers with parenting?

Both Edge and Beth Phoenix have spoken about the importance of family time and maintaining a work-life balance. They prioritize spending quality time with their daughters and supporting their interests, despite their busy schedules and commitments to professional wrestling.

5. Do Edge and Beth Phoenix plan to encourage their daughters to pursue a career in wrestling?

Though Edge and Beth Phoenix have not explicitly stated whether they would encourage their daughters to become wrestlers, they have been supportive of their children's interests and passions. It's likely that they would support their daughters in whatever career they choose, as long as it makes them happy and fulfilled.

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