Fort Worth’s Drive to Connect Students with Automotive Careers

Fort Worth’s Drive to Connect Students with Automotive Careers

Fort Worth’s business community is revving up efforts to steer students toward high-paying jobs in the automotive industry. The newly formed Automotive Task Force, led by Autobahn Fort Worth’s president Brendan Harrington, is at the forefront of this initiative, aiming to bridge the gap between education and employment.

The task force is a response to the widespread challenge of workforce and talent acquisition faced by businesses from airlines to brake shops. By partnering with local schools and businesses, the group is creating pathways for students to secure internships and employment opportunities in the automotive sector.

This collaborative effort is designed to provide students with a roadmap to success, offering guidance on the steps they can take to achieve a rewarding career. It’s an educational drive that goes beyond the classroom, equipping students with the skills and opportunities needed to excel in the industry.

Revving Up Opportunities

The initiative is not just about filling positions; it’s about fostering a skilled workforce that can propel the industry forward. The task force is working to ensure that students and schools have access to the latest tools and technologies, keeping them at the cutting edge of automotive service and repair.

With a pilot program set to launch in partnership with Fort Worth ISD and Tarrant County College, the task force is putting the wheels in motion for a brighter future for students and the local economy1.

A Smooth Ride to Success

The Automotive Task Force’s mission is clear: to create a seamless transition from education to employment in the automotive industry. By providing students with the resources and connections they need, Fort Worth is driving towards a future where the road to success is well-paved and accessible to all.

As the task force gears up for its inaugural year, the community watches with anticipation, ready to witness the positive impact of this innovative approach to workforce development.