5 Best Games like Arknights to Quench Your Gaming Thirst

When it comes to strategy games, Arknights has gained a huge following. With its unique gameplay mechanics, well-built characters, and challenging levels, every player will surely spend hours immersed in the game. Yet, as much as we love this game, there comes a time when we desire more games like Arknights to keep us entertained. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 games like Arknights, just for you!

Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is a popular RPG game that comes with a unique twist. It allows you to build teams of heroes that can be used to win battles. Like Arknights, it also has a deep story that will make you invested in its many characters. Fire Emblem Heroes has simple game controls and mechanics but coupled with a vast assortment of characters that you can unlock. This game boasts of its multiplayer feature which allows you to participate in events cooperatively with other players or fight against them.

One of the things that make Fire Emblem Heroes similar to Arknights is the way it allows you to build a collection of heroes. The player has to strategize in order to make teams that can overcome tough challenges. Old-school gamers might appreciate it too since the franchise has been around for more than two decades and thus, boasts a storied reputation.


If you’re looking for something that will give you the same level of tactical depth as Arknights, Langrisser is the game you’re looking for. Like Arknights, you get to control your army and choose from over 30 different classes of soldiers with unique abilities. Unlike Arknights, however, Langrisser incorporates some unique features, particularly hero equipment customization and the ability to explore different paths in the story. It also has a multi-ending system that challenges you to replay the game and discover all endings.

5 Best Games like Arknights to Quench Your Gaming Thirst
5 Best Games like Arknights to Quench Your Gaming Thirst

Langrisser maintains a level of depth consistent with quintessential sRPGs that have come before it. It has a stronger emphasis on army customization, which should appeal to serious strategists. It also features over 150 characters, all of which can be recruited into your army, making it an excellent game for players who love to collect characters.

Epic Seven

Epic Seven is another mobile game that boasts of its beautifully designed characters and animation. It’s a role-playing game with an excellent storyline and impressive battles that feel like cinematic experiences. It’s combat and leveling system is reminiscent of Arknights, which makes it one of the best alternatives to Arknights. However, it has more depth as the game has multiple different heroes that can be unlocked and added to your team.

One of the things that makes Epic Seven different from other games like Arknights is its combat system. It’s turn-based, but has a lot of unique mechanics that are unlike what you’re used to seeing in other RPGs. The game’s graphics are also top-notch. The bold, stylish animations combined with great visual effects make it a feast for the eyes.

The Alchemist Code

The Alchemist Code is one of the sleeper hits of the mobile gaming world. Like Arknights, it mixes strategy and tactics with a fun and engaging storyline. The Alchemist Code comes with a unique alchemy system which allows players to create unique items and weapons in the game. The game has a large variety of different classes of characters which can be built up and evolved into their ultimate version.

The Alchemist Code is a solid contender when it comes to games like Arknights. It has a fantastic storyline, great characters, and is jam-packed with content. Fans of the sRPG genre will love it since the game requires that you do a lot of strategizing in order to succeed.

Brave Frontier

Brave Frontier is a classic game that has been around for a while now. It has an active community of players who are constantly building their teams and participating in events and battles. Like Arknight’s, Brave Frontier has an excellent level of customization which makes it possible for players to craft unique strategies. The game contains over 500 heroes that you can collect and evolve.

Brave Frontier has an excellent medieval JRPG aesthetic that will appeal to fans of games like Arknights. The game is also actively updated came with engaging storyline, brilliant gameplay controls, and impressive graphics. The game features a straightforward mechanic that allows players to use unique attacks and perform combinations that deal more damage.


This concludes our list of the best 5 games like Arknights for those looking for their next big challenge. Fire Emblem Heroes, Langrisser, Epic Seven, The Alchemist Code, and Brave Frontier, all satisfy different needs and all bring something different to the table but assuredly have Arknights’ strategic depth mixed with Ultimate customization features. So, if you have finished playing Arknights through and through, then give these games a try and experience the euphoria of winning a challenging game.


1. What is Arknights, and what are its key features?

Arknights is a popular tower defense mobile game featuring strategic gameplay, stunning visuals, and a rich storyline. Players collect and deploy Operators, each with unique abilities, to defend against waves of enemies on various maps.

2. What are some games similar to Arknights that I can try?

Five games similar to Arknights include:

  1. Girls' Frontline: A strategy game with a similar gacha system, where players collect and deploy Tactical Dolls (T-Dolls) to complete missions.
  2. Azur Lane: A side-scrolling shooter game that combines shipgirl collecting and real-time naval battles, offering a mix of strategy and action.
  3. Dragalia Lost: An action RPG with a gacha system, featuring an engaging story, colorful characters, and real-time co-op gameplay.
  4. Fire Emblem Heroes: A turn-based strategy game with a gacha mechanic, based on the popular Fire Emblem franchise, offering deep tactical gameplay and character customization.
  5. Guardian Tales: An action RPG with puzzle-solving elements, pixel art graphics, and a gacha system, offering a nostalgic gaming experience filled with humor and challenges.

3. Are these games free to play like Arknights?

Yes, all the mentioned games are free to download and play, just like Arknights. However, they may offer in-game purchases or microtransactions for additional content, resources, or cosmetic items.

4. Can I play these games on both Android and iOS devices?

Most of the games listed above are available on both Android and iOS platforms. However, it's always a good idea to check the specific game's availability and compatibility with your device before downloading.

5. What should I consider when choosing a game similar to Arknights?

When looking for a game similar to Arknights, consider factors such as gameplay style, graphics, storyline, and the game's community. It's essential to pick a game that aligns with your personal preferences and offers an engaging experience that keeps you entertained.

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