Green Lines on iPhone Screen: Quick Fix Guide [2023]

Green Lines on iPhone Screen: Quick Fix Guide [2023]

Have you ever been puzzled by the appearance of green lines on your iPhone screen? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! These mysterious green lines on your iOS device can be a cause for concern, but fear not – we’re here to shed some light on the matter. The Apple logo shows when you restore your iOS device using iCloud.

Green lines on an iPhone screen, whether you own an XS, XR, or any other model, typically manifest as thin streaks or bands that traverse the display. They can appear suddenly and persistently, leaving users wondering about their origin and implications. Encountering these green lines is more common than you might think. If you are experiencing this issue, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot. First, try a hard reset by holding down the power button and volume down button simultaneously until the Apple logo shows. If that doesn’t work, you may need to restore your iOS device or update iOS.

While these green lines may seem innocuous at first glance, they can actually impact your iPhone’s functionality, including the display of distorted images and icons. If you encounter this issue, it’s important to promptly address it to avoid potential data loss or further damage. You may need to perform an iOS restore or repair, or put your device into recovery mode using iCloud.

In this quick guide, we’ll explore the reasons behind display issues, such as those pesky green lines, on your beloved iPhone screen. We’ll also provide effective solutions to rectify them. So let’s jump right in and unravel the mystery surrounding these green lines, which can be caused by problems with the iTunes app, iCloud, or the iOS system.

Causes of Green Lines on iPhone Screen

Hardware issues leading to green lines on iPhone screen

  • Faulty display connectors or cables

  • Malfunctioning graphics processing unit (GPU)

  • Damaged or loose internal components

Software glitches causing green lines on iPhone screen

  • Outdated operating system causing compatibility issues

  • Corrupted software files affecting display functionality

  • Incompatible apps or updates conflicting with the screen

Physical damage as a cause for green lines on iPhone screen

  • Dropping the device, resulting in internal damage

  • Pressure applied to the iPhone display can cause green lines problem, resulting in LCD or OLED panel issues for iPhone users. In such cases, repair may be necessary.

  • Exposure to water or liquid can lead to corrosion and cause display problems, such as the need for screen replacement. It is important to protect your device from any contact with moisture to ensure the system functions properly.

Overheating and its relation to green lines on iPhone screen

  • Excessive usage generating heat and impacting display performance

  • Insufficient cooling mechanisms within the device leading to overheating

  • Thermal stress causing damage to the screen’s circuitry

Green lines appearing on an iPhone screen can be attributed to various causes. Hardware-related issues, such as faulty display connectors or cables, a malfunctioning GPU, or damaged internal components, can result in these green lines. On the other hand, software glitches, like outdated operating systems, corrupted software files, or incompatible apps, may trigger these issues. To fix this problem, you can try adjusting the iOS settings or updating the software.

Physical damage, such as accidental drops or applying pressure to the screen, can cause green lines on an iPhone screen. This can affect the LCD or OLED panel. Exposure to moisture or liquid can lead to corrosion and subsequent display problems. If you experience these issues, there are ways to fix them.

Furthermore, overheating is a common problem in iOS devices. When an iPhone is used excessively without adequate cooling mechanisms, it generates heat that affects the performance of the system. Thermal stress caused by prolonged overheating can also damage the circuitry responsible for rendering images on-screen, leading to issues with the display settings.

Understanding these potential causes can help iOS users identify why green lines are appearing on their iPhone screens. It is important to address these image-related issues promptly to prevent further damage and ensure optimal device functionality and recovery.

Quick Fixes for Green Lines on iPhone Screen

If you’re experiencing green lines on your iOS device screen, there are several quick fixes you can try before seeking professional help. These solutions can help resolve the problem with images temporarily or eliminate it altogether from your system.

Green Lines on iPhone Screen: Quick Fix Guide [2023]

Green Lines on iPhone Screen: Quick Fix Guide [2023]

Restarting the device

  • Restart your iOS system to temporarily fix green lines on the screen. Follow these steps: Restart your iPhone, and the green lines on the screen should disappear.

  • Press and hold the power button until the recovery mode screen appears, then slide it to power off your iPhone. This will help resolve any iphone screen problems or issues with the iphone display.

  • If you are experiencing an iPhone screen problem, follow these steps from WikiHow. Wait a few seconds, then press and hold the power button again until the Apple logo appears. For visual guidance, refer to the accompanying images.

Adjusting display settings

  • Tweak your iPhone’s display settings to reduce or eliminate the appearance of green lines. By following these simple steps on the wikiHow system, you can easily adjust the images on your iPhone and get rid of those pesky green lines.

  • Open “Settings” and navigate to “Display & Brightness.”

  • Adjust the brightness levels on your iPhone system and toggle off features like True Tone or Night Shift that may affect the image colors. Follow these steps to make the necessary adjustments.

Updating iOS software

  • Ensure your iOS software is up-to-date as outdated versions may cause green lines on your iPhone screen.

  • To update your iPhone, follow these steps on how to update your iPhone software using the wikiHow guide. Go to “Settings,” select “General,” then tap on “Software Update.” Make sure you have the appropriate license for updating your iPhone.

  • If an update for your iPhone is available, follow the step-by-step prompts on WikiHow to install it and improve your device’s performance.

Performing a hard reset

  • Perform a hard reset on your iPhone if temporary glitches are causing green lines on your screen. Follow the step-by-step instructions on WikiHow to fix this issue.

  1. On newer iPhones (iPhone 8 and above), quickly press and release the volume up button, then do the same with the volume down button to capture an image on wikiHow.

  2. To restart your iPhone, follow these steps from wikiHow: Press and hold the side button on your iPhone until you see the Apple logo.

By following these simple steps, you can address common issues related to green lines on your iPhone screen. Remember to try each solution one at a time and test if it resolves the problem before moving onto another option. If you’re unsure how to perform any of the troubleshooting steps, you can refer to an image-based guide on wikiHow.

Advanced Solutions for Resolving Green Lines on iPhone Screen

If you’re experiencing green lines on your iPhone screen, there are several advanced solutions you can try to fix the issue. Here are some options to consider: 1. Check the image settings: Adjust the display settings on your iPhone to see if it resolves the green lines. 2. Consult WikiHow: Visit the WikiHow website for step-by-step instructions on fixing green lines on your iPhone screen. 3. Follow the steps: Try following a step-by-step guide specifically designed to address green line issues on iPhone screens.

  1. If the green lines on your iPhone screen are caused by a hardware issue, it’s best to seek professional repair services. A professional repair service can diagnose and fix any underlying problems with your iPhone screen.

  2. Restore the device using iTunes or Finder: Sometimes, persistent software issues can cause green lines on the screen. You can try restoring your iPhone using iTunes or Finder on your computer. This step-by-step process reinstalls the iOS software and may resolve the problem. Visit wikiHow for a detailed image guide.

  3. Replace damaged iPhone components: In cases where the LCD or digitizer of your iPhone is damaged, replacing these components might be necessary. A qualified technician can assess the situation and replace any faulty parts if needed. If you need step-by-step instructions on how to replace these components, you can refer to a wikiHow article.

  4. If you’ve tried various solutions without success, reaching out to Apple Support is recommended. They have specialized knowledge and resources to assist in resolving complex cases of green lines on iPhone screens. Contact Apple Support by following the step-by-step guide on WikiHow.

By following these advanced solutions step by step, you can effectively address display problems related to green lines on your iPhone screen. Remember to consider both hardware and software issues when troubleshooting, as they may require different approaches for resolution. You can find helpful visual guides on how to fix this issue on wikiHow.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Green Lines on iPhone Screen

Using protective cases and tempered glass protectors is a crucial step in safeguarding your iPhone screen. These accessories, available on wikiHow, act as a strong barrier, shielding your device from scratches, cracks, and other potential hazards.

To avoid overheating and display issues on your iPhone, it is important to protect it from extreme temperatures. Exposing your device to high temperatures can cause internal malfunctions, resulting in the appearance of green lines on the screen. Similarly, extremely cold temperatures can impact the performance of your iPhone. Remember to take these precautions to maintain the optimal functioning of your device.

Regularly updating the iOS software and applications on your iPhone is crucial for improved stability and bug fixes. Software updates, such as those available on wikiHow, often include patches that address known issues, including display-related problems. By following the step-by-step instructions and keeping your device up-to-date, you reduce the risk of encountering green lines on your screen.

Handle your iPhone with care to avoid drops or impacts that may cause internal damage. Even a minor fall can result in hardware malfunctions, leading to various display abnormalities such as green lines. Treat your device gently and consider using a secure grip when holding it to prevent any issues. This will help ensure that the image on your iPhone remains clear and undistorted. If you need more guidance, you can refer to WikiHow for step-by-step instructions on how to handle your iPhone safely.

In addition to these preventive measures, adjusting personal settings on your iPhone can also contribute to maintaining a healthy display image. Explore options within the settings menu that allow you to optimize brightness levels or adjust color calibration according to your preferences step.

By following these steps and taking proper care of your iPhone, you can minimize the chances of experiencing green lines on the screen. Remember that prevention is always better than dealing with costly repairs or replacements later on. Image source: wikiHow.

Please note: The information provided here is intended for general guidance purposes only and does not substitute professional advice. If you are looking for a step-by-step guide on how to use your iPhone, WikiHow has a helpful article with images.


To deal with green lines on your iPhone screen, take action right away. Restarting your device or adjusting display settings might help temporarily, but for a permanent fix, update your software or seek professional help from a wikiHow article or step-by-step guide. To avoid green lines in the future, protect your device from extreme temperatures and physical damage, and regularly update your iOS software. If the problem persists, seek assistance from authorized service providers or Apple support. Follow the steps on WikiHow to troubleshoot the issue. Keep your iPhone running smoothly by preventing the issue in the first place.


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