Top Japan Automakers Probed Over Manipulated Data

Top Japan Automakers Probed Over Manipulated Data

In a recent safety test scandal, Japanese automakers Toyota and Mazda have come under scrutiny for submitting incorrect or manipulated safety test data during the certification process for some of their vehicles. The irregularities extend beyond Toyota and Mazda, affecting applications from Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha Motor as well. The country’s transport ministry initiated an investigation following a safety test scandal at Toyota’s Daihatsu car unit last year. Here are the key details:

Toyota, the world’s largest automaker by volume, admitted to irregularities in six different tests conducted between 2014, 2015, and 2020. For instance, during collision damage assessments, Toyota measured only one side of a model’s hood instead of both sides, violating safety standards. Toyota Chairman Akio Toyoda issued a sincere apology to customers, car enthusiasts, and stakeholders for the problems within the group.

Mazda’s Software Test Results

Mazda suspended shipments of certain models after discovering that workers had modified engine control software test results. The company took swift action to address the issue.

Broader Implications

These scandals have become a sore point for the Japanese government, which has otherwise received praise for corporate reforms. The transport ministry plans to conduct an on-site inspection at Toyota’s central Aichi prefecture headquarters to further investigate the irregularities.