LG’s Strategic Move: Acquiring Athom to Revolutionize Smart Home Integration

LG’s Strategic Move: Acquiring Athom to Revolutionize Smart Home Integration

LG Electronics has taken a bold step in the smart home industry by acquiring an 80% stake in Athom, a Dutch company renowned for its advanced smart home platform. This strategic acquisition is set to enhance LG’s capabilities in creating a more integrated and intelligent home ecosystem.

The acquisition of Athom is a clear indicator of LG’s commitment to leading the smart home revolution. By integrating Athom’s versatile Homey platform, LG is poised to offer consumers a seamless smart home experience. The Homey platform’s ability to connect with over 50,000 devices across various protocols, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, Matter, and Thread, positions LG at the forefront of the industry.

Athom’s Homey Pro, the flagship product, stands out with its open ecosystem, allowing users to connect and manage a myriad of devices through the Homey App Store. This store features around 1,000 applications, enabling users to tailor their smart home setup to their specific needs and preferences.

Expanding the Ecosystem

LG’s acquisition is not just about enhancing its product lineup; it’s about creating an ecosystem where all devices work in harmony. The integration of Athom’s technology with LG’s Affectionate Intelligence technology aims to deliver a more personalized and intuitive user experience.

This move also signifies LG’s vision to expand its reach beyond traditional home appliances, venturing into the realm of AI-driven home innovation. The goal is to create intelligent spaces that adapt to and anticipate the user’s lifestyle, making everyday life more convenient and efficient.

Setting New Industry Standards

With this acquisition, LG sets a new benchmark for what consumers can expect from a smart home ecosystem. The company’s strategy to acquire the remaining 20% stake in Athom over the next three years demonstrates a long-term commitment to this vision.

LG’s ambition to lead the AI-driven home innovation era is now more tangible than ever. The company is not just adapting to the future; it is actively shaping it, ensuring that LG remains synonymous with cutting-edge technology and user-centric design.