Malaysian Tourists Injured in Bus Accident in Thailand

Malaysian Tourists Injured in Bus Accident in Thailand

A group of 37 Malaysian tourists, along with a Thai driver and guide, were injured when their tour bus skidded off the road in Kanchanaburi province, west of Bangkok, on Thursday afternoon. The bus was on its way to a restaurant after visiting a safari park in the province.

According to the bus driver, Sarayu Daengdam, 44, the accident occurred around 1.30 pm when he tried to overtake a 10-wheel truck on the Bo Phloi-Lat Ya Road. He said the steering wheel malfunctioned and he lost control of the bus, which veered off the road and hit a tree. There were no other vehicles coming from the opposite direction at the time of the crash.

All 39 Passengers on Board Were Injured

The impact of the collision caused injuries to all 39 passengers on board, including 37 Malaysian tourists, aged between four and 70, who were from Johor. The Thai driver and guide also suffered injuries. The bus had Bangkok licence plates and its rear tyres were shredded and windscreen shattered.

Over 20 Ambulances Rushed to the Scene

Police, rescue workers and medics arrived at the scene shortly after the accident. They found the injured passengers lying on the ground or inside the bus. Over 20 ambulances were dispatched to transport the wounded to Bo Phloi Hospital for urgent treatment. Some of the injured were in critical condition and had to be transferred to another hospital for further care.

Tourist Police Visited the Hospital to Provide Assistance

Tourist police also mobilised to the hospital where the injured tourists and their guide were receiving treatment. They met with some of the victims and assessed their needs. They also contacted the Malaysian embassy in Bangkok to inform them of the incident and provide consular assistance. The embassy’s personnel travelled to Kanchanaburi to meet with the injured and offer support.

The Tour Group Was on a Four-Day Trip to Thailand

The tour group was on a four-day trip to Thailand from Feb 21 to 24, visiting Bangkok, Pattaya and Kanchanaburi. They had just visited the Safari Park in Kanchanaburi before heading to a downtown restaurant in the Mueang district when the accident happened. The tour operator said they would arrange for the tourists to return to Malaysia as soon as possible.