Mindgrove’s Milestone: India’s Leap into Indigenous Microcontroller Technology

Mindgrove’s Milestone: India’s Leap into Indigenous Microcontroller Technology

In an unprecedented move, Mindgrove Technologies has unveiled the Secure IoT, India’s first indigenously designed RISC-V microcontroller unit (MCU), marking a significant stride in the nation’s semiconductor industry. This breakthrough heralds a new era of technological independence and innovation for Indian Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Mindgrove’s Secure IoT stands as a testament to Indian ingenuity. Developed with the support of IIT Madras, this high-performance SoC (system on chip) is poised to revolutionize the market by offering a cost-effective alternative to imported chips without compromising on quality or features.

The Secure IoT chip is designed to cater to a wide array of applications, from smart wearables to advanced control systems in electric vehicles. Its introduction is expected to significantly reduce costs for feature-rich devices, providing a competitive edge to Indian manufacturers in the global market.

Technological Prowess

At the heart of Secure IoT is the Shakti C-Class processor, a 64-bit RISC-V single-core processor capable of speeds up to 700 MHz. This powerhouse is characterized by its efficiency, capable of handling complex computations while maintaining a peak power consumption of under 200 mW.

The microcontroller integrates advanced features such as a 16 KB instruction cache and a 16 KB data cache, both equipped with error-correcting code (ECC) to prevent data corruption. It also boasts a robust security system with dedicated cryptographic modules, ensuring protection against various cyber threats.

Impact on India’s Semiconductor Landscape

The launch of Secure IoT is more than just an addition to the market; it’s a bold statement of India’s capabilities in the semiconductor space. With over a billion chips consumed annually in India, the potential for Secure IoT to replace a significant portion of imported chips is immense.

This move by Mindgrove Technologies not only fosters self-sufficiency but also positions India as a formidable player in the global semiconductor arena. The success of Secure IoT could inspire further innovation and development within the country, paving the way for a self-reliant technological future.