Queensland Welcomes Delta Flights from Los Angeles to Brisbane

Queensland Welcomes Delta Flights from Los Angeles to Brisbane

The state of Queensland is set to receive a huge boost to its tourism and export industries, as Delta Air Lines announces direct flights from Los Angeles to Brisbane starting from December 4. The flights are supported by the Queensland Government’s $200 million Attracting Aviation Investment Fund.

Delta Air Lines, the largest carrier in the world, will operate three return flights per week between Los Angeles and Brisbane for the Australian summer, with plans to increase to daily services in 2025 and 2026. The flights are expected to bring up to 114,000 visitors to Queensland over three years, who will spend up to $208 million in the state’s economy.

The influx of tourists will support up to 840 jobs, including 520 direct jobs and 320 indirect jobs, in sectors such as hospitality, retail, travel, and dining. The flights will also showcase Queensland’s attractions, such as its wildlife, scenery, heritage, and culture, to a large and lucrative market.

Delta Flights to Boost Exports and Trade

Delta Air Lines, which operates a fleet of A350-900 aircraft, will also provide more opportunities for Queensland’s exporters to access the US market, which is the world’s largest economy. The aircraft can carry up to 20 tonnes of cargo, which can include Queensland’s high-quality products, such as beef, seafood, horticulture, and minerals.

The flights will also enhance the trade and investment ties between Queensland and the US, which is the state’s third-largest trading partner, with $3.1 billion worth of exports in 2022-23. The flights will also facilitate the exchange of business, education, and innovation, as well as foster mutual understanding and friendship between the two countries.

Queensland Government Supports Aviation Industry

The Queensland Government, through its $200 million Attracting Aviation Investment Fund, has played a key role in securing the Delta flights, as well as other major airlines, such as United Airlines and American Airlines, to fly directly from Brisbane to the US. The fund aims to support events and flights that can enhance Queensland’s attractiveness as a destination and drive tourism outcomes.

The Queensland Government has also engaged with various stakeholders, such as the private sector, the civil society, the media, and the international partners, to solicit their support and collaboration in developing the tourism and export industries. The Queensland Government has also allocated more resources and incentives to these industries, such as tax breaks, subsidies, and grants.