Electrifying Collaboration: Ambani and Tata Back BluSmart’s French Connection

Electrifying Collaboration: Ambani and Tata Back BluSmart’s French Connection

In a landmark move for India’s electric vehicle (EV) sector, industrial magnates Mukesh Ambani and Tata Motors have thrown their weight behind BluSmart Mobility, partnering with French carmaker Citroën to bolster the country’s all-electric fleet. This partnership is set to supply a staggering 4,000 Citroën e-C3 electric compact SUV units over the next year, marking a significant step towards sustainable transportation solutions.

The memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between BluSmart Mobility and Citroën is more than just a business transaction—it’s a statement of intent. The initial phase saw 125 Citroën e-C3 vehicles flagged off from BluSmart’s EV charging superhub in Bengaluru, signaling the start of a greener chapter for Indian roads.

A Strategic Shift in Mobility

This collaboration is not just about adding new vehicles to the road; it’s about reshaping the very fabric of urban mobility. BluSmart’s existing fleet of over 7,000 EVs is set to be augmented by Citroën’s e-C3 models, which boast a range of 320 km and fast-charging capabilities. This move aligns with BluSmart’s vision of ‘Decarbonising Mobility at Scale’ and constructing a comprehensive EV ecosystem in India.

Charging Ahead

BluSmart’s commitment to electric mobility is further underscored by its ownership and operation of 4,400 EV chargers across 36 superhubs, spanning 1.5 million square feet in Delhi NCR and Bengaluru. This infrastructure is crucial in supporting the growing fleet and ensuring that the wheels of change keep turning.