Bluesky, the social network backed by Jack Dorsey, opens to all users

Bluesky, the social network backed by Jack Dorsey, opens to all users

Bluesky, the social network that aims to decentralize the internet and give users more control over their data and content, has opened its doors to anyone who wants to join. The network, which was initiated by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and is led by CEO Jay Graber, has been operating on an invite-only basis for a year, but has now removed the barriers to entry.

Bluesky is not just another social network that competes with the likes of Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. It is a network that runs on a protocol, called the AT protocol, that allows anyone to create their own social apps using the same underlying technology. These apps can then communicate and interoperate with each other, and users can switch between them without losing their data or followers.

Bluesky’s vision is to create an open and decentralized internet, where users have more choice, freedom, and privacy, and where no single company or entity can control or censor what people say or do online. Bluesky also wants to empower users to customize their own feeds and algorithms, and to set their own rules and standards for their communities.

Bluesky has been growing steadily and is ready for more users

Bluesky launched in February 2023, with the support of Dorsey, who stepped down as Twitter’s CEO in November 2021. Dorsey said that he wanted to create a social network that was more aligned with the original spirit of the internet, and that he hoped that Twitter would eventually adopt the AT protocol and join the Bluesky ecosystem.

Since then, Bluesky has been growing steadily, attracting more than three million users, mostly from Twitter and other social platforms. Bluesky has also been developing and testing new features, such as moderation tools, custom feeds, and more. However, Bluesky has also been limiting its growth by requiring users to have an invite code to sign up, in order to ensure the stability and security of the network.

Now, Bluesky has announced that it is ready for anyone to join, and that it has removed the invite code requirement. Users can simply download the Bluesky app from the App Store or Google Play, or visit the website, and create an account. Users can also choose to receive messages in English or in one of the four native languages available: Cherokee, Lakota, Navajo, or Ojibwe.

Bluesky is about to launch its federation feature

Bluesky is also about to launch one of its most anticipated features: federation. Federation is the process that allows different social apps to communicate and interoperate with each other using the AT protocol. This means that users can move their accounts, data, and audience between different apps, and see posts from people on different apps in their feeds.

Bluesky said that it will start the federation process by the end of February, with an experimental early version. Users will be able to choose from a list of federated apps, or create their own apps using the AT protocol. Users will also be able to subscribe to different labeling services, which are run by individuals or groups who can mark posts as false, misleading, or other categories, and help users filter out unwanted or harmful content.

Bluesky said that federation is a key step towards achieving its vision of an open and decentralized internet, and that it hopes to see more developers and creators join the network and contribute to its innovation and diversity.