Brisbane unveils bold new tourism campaign to attract domestic travelers

Brisbane unveils bold new tourism campaign to attract domestic travelers

Brisbane has launched a bold new tourism campaign to entice domestic travelers to explore the city’s unexpected and diverse attractions. The campaign, titled ‘Brisbane favours the bold’, showcases the city’s cultural heritage, natural wonders, and innovative experiences. The campaign also capitalizes on the recent recognition of Brisbane as one of the world’s greatest places by TIME Magazine and The New York Times.

The campaign, which was created in partnership with VML and dentsu Queensland Brisbane, aims to challenge the perceptions and stereotypes of Brisbane as a destination, and to inspire travelers to discover the city’s hidden gems and surprises. The campaign appeals to those who seek the unexpected and the adventurous, and who are willing to try something new and different.

The campaign’s message is that Brisbane is a city that favours the bold, meaning that it rewards those who dare to explore and experience it. The campaign also highlights the city’s unique charm and personality, which is shaped by its history, culture, and people. The campaign also showcases the city’s diverse and dynamic offerings, such as its world-class dining, events, and attractions, as well as its stunning natural scenery and wildlife.

The execution and the distribution of the campaign

The campaign features a 30-second TVC, which will debut on March 8 during the AFL opening round, as well as online video, digital, and social media ads. The campaign also includes partnerships and earned media activity with Expedia, Travello, TripAdvisor, and Virgin Australia. The campaign targets travelers from across Australia, especially from New South Wales and Victoria, which are the main source markets for Brisbane.

The campaign’s creative and media strategy is based on custom audience segmentation research, which identifies the most lucrative and potential market segments for Brisbane. The campaign uses innovative and engaging placements to reach and connect with these segments, and to showcase the city’s various experiences and products. The campaign also uses data and insights to optimize and measure the campaign’s performance and impact.

The impact and the opportunity of the campaign

The campaign is expected to have a positive impact on Brisbane’s tourism sector, which has been recovering and growing steadily after the COVID-19 pandemic. The campaign is expected to increase the awareness and the appeal of Brisbane as a destination, and to drive more visitation and spending to the city. The campaign is also expected to enhance the reputation and the image of Brisbane as a global and leading destination, and to leverage the recent accolades and achievements of the city.

The campaign also presents an opportunity for Brisbane to showcase its unstoppable momentum and potential, as the city prepares to host several major events and projects in the near future. The campaign also presents an opportunity for Brisbane to highlight its diverse and inclusive tourism community, which works together to create and deliver exceptional and memorable experiences for the travelers.