ETC’s Strategic Alliance with Park Trek Walking Holidays: A Step Towards Sustainable Tourism

ETC’s Strategic Alliance with Park Trek Walking Holidays: A Step Towards Sustainable Tourism

In a strategic move to bolster its brand portfolio, Evolution Travel Collective (ETC) has recently partnered with Park Trek Walking Holidays, marking the addition of its first Australia-only travel partner. This collaboration aims to enhance the visibility and reach of Park Trek’s unique small-group walking tours across the Australian travel industry.

A New Chapter for Park Trek Walking Holidays

Park Trek Walking Holidays has been synonymous with immersive travel experiences for nearly a quarter of a century. Their guided multi-day walking tours are not just about exploring breathtaking landscapes but also about promoting health, wellness, and a deep connection with nature. With meticulously curated itineraries, Park Trek ensures that every aspect of the journey, from boutique accommodations to meal plans and luggage transfers, is taken care of, allowing travelers to fully immerse themselves in the experience.

The recent acquisition of Park Trek by new owner Charles Thompson has infused the company with fresh energy and vision. Thompson’s enthusiasm is palpable as he speaks about the partnership with ETC, “We are thrilled to join forces with ETC. Their unparalleled expertise in the travel trade is exactly what we need to bring our exceptional Australian walking products to the forefront of the industry.”

ETC’s Vision for Sustainable and Engaging Travel

ETC’s CEO, Pete Rawley, is equally excited about the partnership, emphasizing the alignment of values between the two companies. “At ETC, we are committed to promoting sustainable and responsible travel. Park Trek’s dedication to eco-friendly practices and their Reconciliation Australia-endorsed action plan resonates with our vision. We believe that getting active in Australia’s stunning natural settings is one of the most rewarding ways to discover the country.”

This partnership is set to open new avenues for both ETC and Park Trek, with a focus on engaging directly with the Australian travel trade. The collaboration is expected to leverage ETC’s robust network and marketing prowess to elevate Park Trek’s offerings, making them a top choice for agents and travelers seeking authentic Australian adventures.

The Future of Travel: Embracing Nature and Well-being

The travel industry is at a pivotal point where the demand for experiences that prioritize well-being and environmental consciousness is at an all-time high. Park Trek’s walking holidays cater to this growing trend, offering journeys that are not only about the destination but also about the transformative journey itself. The small group sizes ensure personalized attention and an intimate atmosphere, fostering connections among travelers and with the land they traverse.

As Park Trek embarks on this new journey with ETC, the future looks promising for travelers seeking meaningful and sustainable travel options. The partnership is a testament to the evolving landscape of the travel industry, where the journey is just as important as the destination, and where every step taken is a step towards a more responsible and connected world.