Revolutionizing Healthcare Security: The LogRhythm Axon Breakthrough

Revolutionizing Healthcare Security: The LogRhythm Axon Breakthrough

The company faced significant challenges in monitoring threats across a rapidly expanding hybrid environment. Their small security team needed a scalable solution that could provide a single pane of glass across all log sources. The previous SIEM solution fell short, offering inadequate visibility and creating cumbersome workflows, especially for the newly acquired Linux systems.

LogRhythm Axon to the Rescue

LogRhythm Axon provided the much-needed seamless visibility across SaaS, self-hosted cloud, and on-prem log sources. The intuitive workflows and dashboard customizations allowed the security team to surface security gaps and potential threats promptly. Operational weaknesses in internal user login automations were quickly identified and rectified, securing the environment and mitigating risk.

The Impact of Integration

The implementation of LogRhythm Axon enabled the SOC to monitor systems previously incompatible with their security stack. Delivered via SaaS, it reduced the burden of managing operating infrastructure, allowing the security team to focus on what matters most—security. The platform’s automatic onboarding of new data sources streamlined analyst workflows, freeing up time for threat hunting and risk mitigation.