Nancy Brown: A Vanguard of Healthcare Honored by Modern Healthcare

Nancy Brown: A Vanguard of Healthcare Honored by Modern Healthcare

Nancy Brown, the esteemed Chief Executive Officer of the American Heart Association, has been distinguished as one of Modern Healthcare’s Top Women Leaders of 2024. This accolade is a testament to her unwavering commitment and impactful contributions to the healthcare sector, particularly in steering the American Heart Association towards its centennial milestone with innovative health initiatives and strategic leadership.

Under Brown’s visionary guidance, the American Heart Association has soared to new heights, launching groundbreaking initiatives that resonate with the organization’s mission of ensuring healthier lives for all. Her leadership has been pivotal in the Association’s recent “Nation of Lifesavers” campaign, a response to the heightened interest in CPR education following NFL player Damar Hamlin’s cardiac event.

Brown’s tenure has also seen the introduction of the “Health Care by Food” initiative, underscoring the scientific nexus between nutrition and well-being. These programs, among others, reflect her dedication to addressing health equity, rural health, and food insecurity.

Championing Women and Health Equity

As the first female CEO in the Association’s history, Brown has been a formidable advocate for women’s health and leadership. She has propelled global awareness through initiatives like “Go Red for Women®” and “Research Goes Red®,” fostering an environment where female leaders, volunteers, and scientists thrive.

Her efforts have not only elevated the Association’s financial standing, surpassing $1.2 billion in revenue, but also solidified its role as a global authority on cardiovascular disease and brain health.

Looking Ahead: The Second Century of Service

With a century of lifesaving service behind it, the American Heart Association, under Brown’s stewardship, is poised to embark on its next century of impact. Brown’s recognition by Modern Healthcare is more than an individual honor; it symbolizes the collective achievements and future aspirations of the entire Association.