Rang Barse: A Fashion and Lifestyle Exhibition in Jammu

Rang Barse: A Fashion and Lifestyle Exhibition in Jammu

Jammu, March 9, 2024: Rang Barse, a two-day long fashion and lifestyle exhibition, was organised at Hotel Zone by The Park in Jammu. The exhibition, which started on Friday, was inaugurated by Ritu Mahajan, Deputy Commissioner Enforcement. The exhibition showcased the latest trends and collections of various designers and brands from different parts of the country.

The main objective of the exhibition was to provide a platform for young entrepreneurs, especially women, to display and promote their products and services. The exhibition featured a wide range of items, such as clothing, accessories, jewellery, footwear, home decor, cosmetics, and more. The exhibition also offered discounts and offers to attract more customers.

The organisers of the exhibition, Ruchi Khare Sharma, CEO of Rangoli, and Tanu, said that they wanted to uplift the young entrepreneurs and help them follow their passion. They also thanked Puneet Arora for his support and cooperation. They said that they were happy to see the overwhelming response and appreciation from the visitors and the media.

A Celebration of Women’s Day

The exhibition coincided with the International Women’s Day, which was celebrated on March 8. The organisers said that they chose this date to honour and empower the women who are making a difference in the society. They also said that they wanted to inspire inclusion and equality for all genders.

The exhibition featured some inspiring stories and interviews of successful women and girls from different fields and backgrounds. The exhibition also hosted some online events and webinars on topics such as gender equality, leadership, entrepreneurship, and mental health for girls. The exhibition also partnered with some local and global organisations that work for the advancement of girls’ rights and opportunities.

A Positive Impact on the Society

The exhibition had a positive impact on the society and the economy of Jammu. The exhibition not only provided a platform for the young entrepreneurs, but also created employment and income opportunities for many people. The exhibition also boosted the tourism and hospitality sector of the city, as many visitors came from outside places to attend the exhibition.

The exhibition also contributed to the global movement for gender equality and women’s empowerment, which was the theme of the International Women’s Day 2024: Inspire Inclusion. The exhibition encouraged the audience and the followers to join the conversation and take action for girl child inclusion and empowerment.