A New Era in Australian Science and Technology Leadership

A New Era in Australian Science and Technology Leadership

Science & Technology Australia (STA) heralds a new chapter with the appointment of Ryan Winn as its Chief Executive Officer. Winn, a seasoned leader with a rich background in research leadership and policy development, steps into this pivotal role at a time when Australia’s scientific and technological landscape is on the cusp of transformation.

Ryan Winn’s appointment comes at a critical moment for STA, as the organization seeks to navigate the complex and rapidly evolving domain of science and technology. His extensive experience in the Australian Public Service and his recent tenure as CEO of the Australian Council of Learned Academies (ACOLA) equip him with a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Winn’s vision for STA is clear: to drive deep and sustained investment in research and development, and to harness the burgeoning demand for STEM skills, innovation, and knowledge. His leadership is poised to influence the trajectory of Australia’s knowledge economy, shaping the nation’s role in the global scientific community.

Advocating for a Cohesive Research Ecosystem

Under Winn’s guidance, STA aims to address the fragmentation within Australia’s research system. The organization advocates for a unified approach to funding, commercialization skills, and international competitiveness in R&D. Winn’s strategy focuses on fostering collaboration across government, business, and academia to achieve a cohesive and robust R&D ecosystem.

The new CEO’s commitment to empowering current and emerging STEM leaders is evident in his support for initiatives like the Bench to Boardroom plan. This program is designed to cultivate the first generation of scientist entrepreneurs, ensuring that Australia’s scientific endeavors translate into tangible, commercial success.

Charting the Course for a Science-Powered Future

Ryan Winn’s leadership marks a turning point for STA and for Australia’s science and technology sectors. His appointment reflects the organization’s dedication to advocating for the scientific community and its role in crafting a future powered by science.

As Winn takes the helm, he brings with him a promise of progress and a commitment to ensuring that Australia remains at the forefront of scientific innovation. His tenure as CEO is set to be a catalyst for change, driving Australia towards a future where it is a creator of technology, not just a consumer.