Sea of Thieves How to Buy a Ship in the Game

Sea of Thieves How to Buy a Ship in the Game

Subheading 1: What You Need to Know About Ships in Sea of Thieves Subheading 2: Types of Ships and Their Unique Features Subheading 3: How to Earn Gold and Ancient Coins for Purchasing Ships Subheading 4: Visiting the Shipwright to Buy Your Ship Subheading 5: Customizing Your Ship with Cosmetic Upgrades Subheading 6: Tips for Sailing and Managing Your New Ship


Welcome to the exciting world of Sea of Thieves! As an experienced pirate, I know how essential it is to have the right ship to conquer the high seas. In this game, your ship is not only your means of transportation but also your home, your fortress, and a reflection of your personality. That’s why knowing how to buy a ship is crucial for your success in this swashbuckling adventure.


So, how can you buy a ship in Sea of Thieves? The process involves earning in-game currency, visiting a Shipwright at an outpost, and selecting the ship that best suits your needs. With various types of ships available, each with its unique features, it’s essential to choose the one that aligns with your playstyle and objectives. By following this guide, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a feared pirate with a mighty vessel. Now, hoist the Jolly Roger and let’s set sail on this thrilling journey!

What You Need to Know About Ships in Sea of Thieves

In Sea of Thieves, your ship is the cornerstone of your pirate experience. It serves as your primary mode of transport, a base for your crew, and a vessel for plundering and battling other pirates. Understanding the different types of ships available and their unique characteristics is essential for navigating the game’s vast ocean and achieving success in your quests.


Each ship in Sea of Thieves caters to different playstyles and objectives, with varying levels of speed, maneuverability, and firepower. Some ships are perfect for solo players who value stealth and agility, while others are designed for larger crews that need a balance of speed and strength. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each ship will help you make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing and upgrading your vessel.


Recent updates to Sea of Thieves have expanded the variety of ships and customization options available, allowing players to further tailor their seafaring experience. According to Rare Ltd., the game’s developer, over 15 million players have embarked on pirate adventures since its launch in 2018, making it essential for newcomers to understand the ins-and-outs of ship ownership to stay competitive in this thriving multiplayer environment.

Types of Ships and Their Unique Features

In Sea of Thieves, there are three main types of ships, each with its unique features designed to cater to different playstyles and crew sizes. Understanding these differences will help you choose the most suitable ship for your pirate adventures.

Sea of Thieves: How to Buy a Ship in the Game

Sea of Thieves: How to Buy a Ship in the Game


The three primary ship types in Sea of Thieves are:


  • Sloop: The smallest and most agile ship in the game, suitable for solo players or a crew of two. It has one mast with a single sail, making it easy to maneuver and ideal for stealthy approaches. However, it’s also the weakest in terms of firepower and durability.
  • Brigantine: A medium-sized ship designed for a crew of up to three players. It boasts two masts and increased firepower compared to the Sloop, striking a balance between speed, maneuverability, and strength. This makes it an excellent choice for players seeking versatility in their seafaring exploits.
  • Galleon: The largest and most powerful ship in the game, capable of accommodating a crew of up to four players. With three masts and multiple cannon ports on each side, the Galleon is a formidable force on the high seas. However, its size and firepower come at the cost of reduced agility and increased difficulty in managing sails and anchor.

Each ship type offers a unique experience, allowing players to tailor their gameplay to their preferences and the size of their crew. Choosing the right ship is crucial for maximizing your success and enjoyment in the world of Sea of Thieves.

How to Earn Gold and Ancient Coins for Purchasing Ships

In Sea of Thieves, purchasing ships and their upgrades requires two types of in-game currency: Gold and Ancient Coins. While Gold is the primary currency earned through various activities, Ancient Coins can be obtained in specific ways or purchased with real money. Both currencies are crucial for customizing and enhancing your ship’s performance and appearance.


To earn Gold, players can engage in the following activities:


  • Completing voyages assigned by Trading Companies
  • Finding treasure chests, skulls, and other valuable items
  • Battling and sinking enemy ships
  • Participating in world events such as Skull Forts and Skeleton Ship battles
  • Selling various resources at outposts

Ancient Coins, on the other hand, can be acquired by:


  • Defeating rare and elusive Ancient Skeletons that appear randomly in the game world
  • Completing certain commendations and seasonal events
  • Purchasing them with real money through the in-game Pirate Emporium

Earning Gold and Ancient Coins is essential for purchasing new ships, as well as cosmetic upgrades and functional enhancements such as improved cannons, sails, and hulls. By participating in various in-game activities and challenges, players can amass a fortune to create their dream pirate ship and dominate the high seas.

Visiting the Shipwright to Buy Your Ship

Once you’ve earned enough Gold and Ancient Coins, it’s time to visit the Shipwright to buy your ship. Shipwrights are NPCs located at every outpost in Sea of Thieves, and they play a crucial role in helping you acquire and customize your vessel. These skilled artisans can be found near the docks, ready to assist you with your ship-related needs.


When visiting a Shipwright, you can purchase various ship upgrades and cosmetic items to enhance your ship’s appearance and performance. It’s important to note that while you can’t directly buy a new ship in Sea of Thieves, you can effectively create a custom ship by selecting a base ship type (Sloop, Brigantine, or Galleon) and upgrading its components. This includes sails, hulls, figureheads, cannons, and more, which can be purchased using either Gold or Ancient Coins.


Keep in mind that some ship cosmetics and upgrades are exclusive to the in-game Pirate Emporium, where Ancient Coins are the primary currency. To access the Pirate Emporium, press the “Menu” button on your controller or keyboard and navigate to the “Pirate Emporium” tab. Here, you can browse and purchase a variety of exclusive ship cosmetics, as well as other in-game items and services.

Customizing Your Ship with Cosmetic Upgrades

In Sea of Thieves, personalizing your ship with cosmetic upgrades is a vital aspect of the game, as it allows you to express your pirate identity and stand out from other players. These upgrades not only enhance your ship’s appearance but can also provide functional improvements that may give you an edge in battles and voyages.


There are numerous cosmetic upgrades available for purchase, ranging from sails, hulls, and figureheads to wheel, capstan, and cannon designs. These items can be obtained from various vendors, such as the Shipwright at outposts or the Pirate Emporium, using Gold or Ancient Coins as currency. Some cosmetics are exclusive to certain factions or events, requiring you to complete specific challenges or commendations to unlock them.


To customize your ship, head to the Ship Customization Chest located near the Shipwright at any outpost. From here, you can apply your purchased cosmetic items to your vessel, giving it a unique look that reflects your pirate persona. Remember, experimenting with different combinations of cosmetics and finding the perfect style for your ship is part of the fun in Sea of Thieves. Happy sailing!

Tips for Sailing and Managing Your New Ship

Acquiring and customizing a ship in Sea of Thieves is just the beginning of your pirate journey. To make the most of your vessel, it’s crucial to learn how to sail and manage your new ship effectively. Proper navigation, communication with your crew, and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your ship are essential for success on the high seas.


Here are some tips for sailing and managing your new ship:


  • Learn the basics of sailing: Understand how to raise and lower sails, adjust their angle to catch the wind, and operate the anchor and wheel. These skills are fundamental for navigating the world and avoiding obstacles, such as rocks and sandbars.
  • Communicate with your crew: If you’re sailing with a crew, clear communication is key. Assign roles for each crew member, such as sail management, navigation, and lookout duties. This will help ensure a smooth and efficient voyage.
  • Understand your ship’s strengths and weaknesses: Each ship type has its advantages and disadvantages, as discussed earlier. Use this knowledge to plan your strategies, whether you’re engaging in naval battles or attempting to outrun enemy vessels.
  • Keep an eye on your supplies: Stock up on essential supplies like cannonballs, wood planks, and food before setting sail. Regularly check your ship’s inventory and share resources with your crew to keep your vessel in top condition.
  • Practice makes perfect: As with any skill, mastering sailing and ship management in Sea of Thieves takes time and practice. Be patient, learn from your mistakes, and continue to refine your technique as you progress in the game.

By following these tips and dedicating time to honing your sailing abilities, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a fearsome and respected pirate in the world of Sea of Thieves.

Conclusion: To Wrap Up

In the exciting world of Sea of Thieves, your ship is an essential part of your pirate experience. From understanding the differences between ship types to mastering sailing and ship management, there’s much to learn and explore. As you progress in the game, you’ll discover new ways to customize and enhance your vessel, creating a unique and awe-inspiring pirate ship that reflects your personal style.

So, hoist your Jolly Roger, gather your crew, and set sail on thrilling adventures across the vast ocean. With perseverance and a bit of pirate cunning, you’re sure to make a name for yourself in the annals of pirate history and leave a lasting impression on the high seas.

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