The Untold Story of Stone Cold Steve Austin Spouse

The Untold Story of Stone Cold Steve Austin Spouse

Stone Cold Steve Austin is a name that resonates with wrestling fans and non-wrestling fans alike. His charismatic presence on the ring, his signature beer-drinking and his iconic catchphrase “And that’s the bottom line, ’cause Stone Cold said so” have made him a wrestling legend. But what about his personal life outside the ring? Specifically, who is his spouse? In this article, we dive deep into the life of Stone Cold Steve Austin Spouse, providing exclusive details about her life and what makes their relationship tick.

Early life and career

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s spouse was born in the United States in the 1970s. Her name is Kristin Austin, originally known as Kristin Feres. Kristin Austin is a fitness instructor and personal trainer with a background in gymnastics. She met Steve Austin back in 2000 when she worked at a gym in Los Angeles, California. The couple married in November 2009 and have been together ever since.

Her role in Steve Austin’s life

Kristin Austin has been an integral part of Stone Cold’s life since they met in 2000. In an interview with TMZ Sports, Steve Austin spoke highly of his wife, saying “she’s been great in my life both professionally and personally.” Kristin Austin has been a solid support system for Steve Austin, especially during challenging moments in his life. She has been there for him through his injuries, surgeries, and recoveries.

The Untold Story of Stone Cold Steve Austin Spouse

The Untold Story of Stone Cold Steve Austin Spouse

Family life

Stone Cold Steve Austin and his spouse, Kristin, do not have any children. However, they have several pets, which they shower with love and affection. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Steve Austin revealed his love for his pets, stating that they bring joy and happiness into his life.

Kristin Austin’s fitness career

As previously stated, Kristin Austin has a background in gymnastics, which led her to pursue a career in fitness. She is a certified personal trainer with experience in various training methods, including Pilates, yoga, strength training, and cardiovascular conditioning. Kristin runs her fitness business, offering personal training and nutritional guidance to her clients.

Shared interests and hobbies

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kristin Austin share an interest in fitness and health. They are both health enthusiasts and dedicate time to exercise and maintain a healthy diet. In addition, the couple enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, and riding motorcycles. They frequently share pictures of their adventures on their social media accounts.

The secrets to their long-lasting marriage

What makes Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kristin Austin’s relationship so special? According to an interview with US Weekly, the couple attributes their successful marriage to their ability to communicate effectively and their mutual respect for each other. Moreover, they acknowledged that their shared interests and sense of humor keeps their marriage alive and happy.


Stone Cold Steve Austin has always been a private person, preferring to keep his personal life out of the spotlight. Despite his efforts, his fans are always curious to know more about his personal life, particularly about his spouse. In this article, we have provided exclusive details about Kristin Austin, Stone Cold Steve Austin’s spouse. We have learned about her early life, her role in Steve Austin’s life, their family life, Kristin’s fitness career, shared interests and hobbies, and the secrets to their long-lasting marriage.

It’s clear that their love and respect for each other have kept them going strong, both professionally and personally. We wish them a lifetime of happiness and success!


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