Who is WWE Otis Married to? All You Need to Know

WWE is known for the larger than life superstars that entertain fans all over the world. And one such superstar is Otis Dozovic, popularly known as simply Otis. With his impressive strength and infectious personality, Otis has won the hearts of fans all over the world. However, when it comes to his personal life, fans have been curious to know more about the woman who holds Otis’ heart. In this article, we’ll explore who WWE Otis is married to and share some interesting facts about his life.

Early Life and WWE Career

Otis Dozovic was born on December 21, 1991 in Duluth, Minnesota. He started his wrestling career in 2014 after finishing training with WWE Hall of Famer, Scotty 2 Hotty. He teamed up with Tucker Knight in NXT and together they formed Heavy Machinery. The duo quickly became fan favorites and their signature chant of “Steaks and Weights” took over arenas all over the world. Otis’ infectious personality and impressive strength made him stand out among the crowd and cemented his spot as a fan favorite.

Meeting His Future Wife

Otis is married to fellow wrestler, Jessie McKay, who goes by the wrestling name of Billie Kay. The couple met in 2018 at a WWE event in Australia. They hit it off instantly and started dating soon after. Jessie, who is originally from Sydney, Australia, is also a WWE wrestler and is part of the IIconics with her partner Peyton Royce. Since then, Otis and Jessie have been together and are a fan favorite couple within the WWE community.

Who is WWE Otis Married to? All You Need to Know
Who is WWE Otis Married to? All You Need to Know

The Proposal

Otis proposed to Jessie in October 2019, and as expected, it was a grand affair. He got down on one knee in front of all the other WWE wrestlers and proposed with a giant ring. The moment was captured by WWE cameras and was shared all over social media. The couple’s fans were thrilled to see such a romantic proposal and congratulated them on their engagement.

Getting Married

After a year and a half of engagement, Otis and Jessie got married on January 23, 2021. The couple tied the knot in Clearwater, Florida in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by their friends and family. Otis’ Heavy Machinery partner, Tucker Knight, was one of the groomsmen at the wedding. Jessie’s partner in crime, Peyton Royce, was also present at the wedding, as were other wrestlers from the WWE community. The couple shared pictures from their wedding on social media and thanked their fans for the love and support.

Interesting Facts

  • Jessie McKay is a former swimmer and has won several medals at the Australian Swimming Championships.
  • Otis is known for his love of food, especially steak. It is said that he once ate a 40 oz steak in one sitting.
  • Otis’ finisher move is called the Caterpillar, where he essentially drops his body weight onto his opponent.
  • Otis has a degree in marketing and sales and had a successful career in the corporate sector before joining WWE.


WWE Otis is married to fellow wrestler Jessie McKay, popularly known as Billie Kay. The couple met in 2018 and got married in January 2021. They are a popular couple among the WWE community and fans love their chemistry both inside and outside the ring. Otis’ personal life is as interesting as his wrestling career, and fans can’t wait to see what he has in store for them next.


1. Who is WWE Otis?

Otis, whose real name is Nikola Bogojevic, is a professional wrestler currently signed with WWE. He is best known for his time in the Heavy Machinery tag team alongside Tucker and for winning the 2020 Money in the Bank ladder match.  

2. Is Otis married?

As of now, Otis is not married. His relationship status is often a topic of interest among fans, but he has not tied the knot yet.  

3. Has Otis been involved in any on-screen relationships in WWE?

Yes, Otis was involved in a storyline with Mandy Rose, a fellow WWE superstar. Their on-screen romance was a significant part of WWE programming in early 2020, culminating in a romantic angle at WrestleMania 36 where Otis defeated Dolph Ziggler and shared a kiss with Mandy Rose.  

4. Are Otis and Mandy Rose dating in real life?

It's important to note that the relationship between Otis and Mandy Rose was a scripted storyline for WWE television. In real life, Mandy Rose is currently in a relationship with Tino Sabbatelli, a former WWE superstar, while Otis's personal life remains private.  

5. What are some of Otis's career highlights?

Otis has achieved notable success in WWE, including winning the 2020 Money in the Bank ladder match, earning a shot at a WWE championship. Additionally, he and his Heavy Machinery tag team partner Tucker have had several memorable matches and moments, becoming fan favorites due to their unique blend of power and charisma.

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