WSU Tech expands its automotive program to meet high demand

WSU Tech expands its automotive program to meet high demand

WSU Tech, a technical college in Wichita, Kansas, is undergoing a major renovation of its automotive facility to accommodate more students who want to pursue a career in the automotive industry. The project, which costs nearly $2 million, will add more space, tools, and equipment to the existing City Center campus, where the automotive program is offered.

The automotive program at WSU Tech prepares students to diagnose, repair, and service various types of vehicles, including conventional, hybrid, and electric ones. The program also covers alternative fuels, such as hydrogen, which are expected to become more prevalent in the future.

The program is popular among students who want to gain hands-on skills and experience in a growing and dynamic field. According to Dean of Applied Technologies Jessi Lane, the demand for automotive technicians is high and will continue to increase as more vehicles are on the road and more retirees leave the industry.

“There’s a lot of reasons why we have workforce demands. Some of that is a lot of retirement that you’re seeing within that industry and so as we continue to see those retirements, the demand is just going to increase more and more,” Lane said.

Lane also said that the program provides a flexible and affordable option for students who want to enter the workforce quickly or advance their careers. “If you get into one program, it’s easy to swap out and get into another one as long as you talk to your advisor,” said Andrew Tapp, a new student who started the program in January.

The benefits of the renovation

The renovation of the automotive facility, which is expected to be completed by fall, will enhance the quality and capacity of the program. The project will add 25,000 square feet of lab and classroom space, which will allow more students to enroll and learn in a comfortable and modern environment.

The project will also equip the facility with more tools and equipment, which will enable students to work on the latest models and technologies in the automotive industry. Lane said that the program has an emerging trends component, which exposes students to the innovations and challenges in the field.

“So as we see more electric and hybrid vehicles as well as potential for hydrogen we’re going to try and address that early so that WSU technicians are ready when they hit the workforce,” Lane said.

The renovation is funded by the state legislature, which has recognized the importance of investing in career and technical education to meet the workforce needs of the state. Lane said that he is grateful for the support and collaboration of the lawmakers, the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID), and the private sector, which have contributed to the development and improvement of the program.

The impact of the program

The automotive program at WSU Tech has a positive impact on the students, the industry, and the community. The program helps students achieve their academic and career goals, whether they want to earn a degree, a certificate, or a credential. The program also helps students find employment opportunities, as many local employers partner with WSU Tech to hire and train its graduates.

The program also helps the industry by providing skilled and qualified workers who can meet the standards and expectations of the customers. The program also helps the community by supporting the economic development and social welfare of the region. The program also promotes environmental sustainability by teaching students how to work with clean and renewable energy sources.

The automotive program at WSU Tech is one of the many programs that the college offers to prepare students for the jobs of today and tomorrow. The college also offers programs in aviation, health care, manufacturing, design, and information technology. For more information on WSU Tech and its programs, visit their website.